Quicker ROI. Better product quality and appearance. Less waste.

Nothum Industries builds premium food processing equipment with leading-edge technology that meets your specific needs.


From individual food production systems to complete Nothum lines, our experts design versatile machines that make your product stand out in a crowded market space.

Get to Know Our Unique Systems

Predust & Breading

Nothum’s predusting and breading systems give you higher product yield while cutting down on product loss, floor space, downtime and labor. Eliminate redundancies for greater processing efficiencies.

Batter & Tempura

Nothum gives you better control over viscosity, temperature and mixing speeds. Effortlessly customize recipes, mixing and application methods to achieve optimal product quality.

ProTherm Continuous Fryer

Produce better-tasting fried foods with Nothum’s ProTherm Continuous Fryer. Achieve easy control over oil level and temperature, with lower oil charge, built-in sediment removal and reduced fatty acids for superior flavor and quality.

Support Systems

Nothum Industries offers support equipment for maximum convenience and flexibility. You get fast setup, along with simpler production, maintenance and sanitation.


Give your product the finished look it needs. The Nothum ComboGrill works with a variety of products for flawless results.


Reach out to Nothum Industries to learn how our advanced food processing systems can boost your ROI.