Protherm Continuous Fryer

Need better-tasting food products? Tired of that oversized fryer wasting floor space, energy and money?

The ProTherm Continuous Fryer by Nothum gives you better taste, texture and appearance for your breaded or tempura-coated products.

Thermal Fryer for Breaded or Tempura Products
  • Lower oil charge with built-in sediment removal
  • Touch screen control
  • Complete thermal system
  • Superior product quality
Significant Oil Level Reduction

ProTherm lets you reduce oil volume by up to two-thirds, depending on your product.

  • Less oil to heat means less oil to filter
  • Reduce free fatty acids (FFAs)
  • Conveyor, heat exchanger and sediment removal function as a single unit
  • Automatic oil level control with fresh oil feeding system
  • Oil storage tank included
Touch-Screen Control
  • Recipe-driven system
  • Fill, drain and switch valves from touch screen
  • Automatic oil level control with fresh oil feeding system
  • Lift hood, submerge conveyor, product conveyor and heat exchanger from touch screen
Complete Thermal System
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Up to three independently-controlled heat zones
  • Hood and tank insulated for maximum heat retention and safety
  • Piped for fire suppression (fire suppression not included)
  • Stainless steel positive displacement circulation pump
Belt width options and fryer oil volume:
  • 14” ( 400 mm ): 115 gallons
  • 24” ( 600 mm ): 140-300 gallons*
  • 40” ( 1000 mm ) 175-455 gallons*
* Depends on the length of the fryer

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