Flatbed Breading Machine

Need to increase breading savings from your inline predust and breading machine?

VersaCoat from Nothum cuts down on product loss in several ways:

  • Low breading charge for greater efficiency
  • No augurs reduces breading breakdown
  • AcuFeeder automatically feeds breading into the system

This innovative machine lets you run a variety of coating ingredients to give your product the exact taste, texture and appearance you need.

Image rendering of the VersaCoat Equipment

Product-Enhancing Rollers

Change breading styles without having to switch machines! VersaCoat features four different rollers for better quality control.

Sleek, Uniframe Design

VersaCoat features a unique design that saves floor space while maximizing productivity and safety.

  • No-tubing construction
  • Built-in stainless steel blower with variable speed control
  • Motors and all moving parts protected by external cabinet and doors
Advanced Features for Greater Control
  • Recipe-driven controls. Save recipes to VersaCoat’s onboard system. All you have to do is call up the desired recipe, select and run!
  • Automatic breading feed system. Cut down on product loss by only using what you need.
  • Hooded for dust control

Apply a Variety of Coatings

VersaCoat lets you run dense or fine breadings and coatings.

Fine Ingredients
  • Flour
  • Seasonings
  • Predust
  • Rubs
Dense Ingredients
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • ABC Crumb
  • J Crumb
  • Fine Crumb
Create Quicker ROI and Save Money

By combining so many breading options in one machine, VersaCoat pays for itself in a number of ways.

  • Reduce floor space
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Less downtime
  • Eliminate redundant equipment
  • Decrease breading losses
Low Breading Charge Minimizes Waste

Increase efficiency and cut down on product loss. Exact savings will vary depending on belt width, product and coating ingredients.

  • 14” belt: 50 pounds of flour or 25 pounds of crumb
  • 24” belt: 100 pounds of flour or 50 pounds of crumb
  • 40” belt: 150 pounds of flour or 75 pounds of crumb

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