All-in-One Batter & Tempura Machine

Simplify your batter mixing and application process with BatterPro from Nothum. This all-in-one mixer and applicator combines four essential functions in a single advanced machine.

Image rendering of the BatterPro Equipment

Pair BatterPro with
SuperFlex for best results.

The BatterPro provides automatic viscosity readings and enhanced production safety. You also save money by eliminating redundant equipment!


A jacketed mix tank and application bed ensures proper temperature regulation.

Mix Ingredients

Horizontal paddles allow proper batter/tempura mixing without shearing.

Save Money & Enjoy Quicker ROI
Enhance Your Production Line
Belt width options:
Control Viscosity

No more “finger dip” method! BatterPro’s built-in viscosity cup gives you accurate readings for precise control over your batter or tempura mixture.

Apply Batter or Tempura

A top-submerge or waterfall application method ensures consistent appearance and texture.

Fried Shrimps tempura with sweet chili sauce on white wooden board
Sleek, Uniframe Design
Improved Production Safety

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