54-inch line

NOW Introducing the 54 Inch Line

We are proud to introduce the Nothum 54-Inch Line. From the predust down to the fryer, we have expanded each machine and increased the capacity to at least 20,000lbs per hour.

With a strengthened frame to withstand higher throughputs and several new exciting features, this new Nothum 54 inch requires the same amount of labor and maintenance as other lines.

Learn more about the SuperFlex, BatterPro, and ProTherm’s newest benefits below…

NEW Features
  • Four modes – drum, inline, tripleflip, and handtoss
  • Dual drums (side by side)
  • Dual incline chains
  • Robust uniframe design
  • Automatic breading diverter
  • Double-doored electrical cabinet
  • Touchscreen controlled hood lifts
BatterPro 54-Inch
New Features
  • Four functions – mixes batter, chills mixture, measures viscosity, and applies batter/tempura
  • 501 Unibloc Pump
  • Increased Water Line Sizes
  • Larger Casters
  • Robust uniframe design
  • Separate Top-Submerge and Hood to view set points
  • Touch screen controlled hood lifts
ProTherm 54-Inch
NEW Features
  • Unibody Hood
  • Frying Oil Volume – Approximately 1000 gallons
  • Floating Tank Design – Allows for expansion and retraction
  • Optional tempura infeed belt
  • Touch screen controlled hood lifts


Each industrial is unique and different. Select your industrial to see how we can cater our equipment to your specific needs. 


Reach out to Nothum today, and let us answer all your questions.