Process Tech Center

See our equipment in action
before you purchase!

At Nothum’s Process Tech Center is fully equipped with all of our leading-edge food processing equipment. We invite you to witness first-hand how Nothum machines can add value to your production process!

Process Tech University Offers Training Programs:

1. Maintenance Training to minimize equipment downtime
2. Production Training to increase product yields.

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Package One
Maintenance Training

Looking for hands-on training with your Nothum machine(s)? At PTC University we review:

  • Basic preventative maintenance procedures to decrease downtime
  • Software program features, functions and settings
  • Control panel navigation
  • Wiring and troubleshooting estops, sensors and electrical panels
Package Two:
Production Training

Is the quality of your product less than optimal? If so, sign up for Nothum’s Production Training at PTC University.

  • Let yield loss, bare spots and poor product appearance be a thing of the past
  • Maximize throughputs to ensure high yields
  • Increase first-quality product
  • Reduce breading loss
  • Achieve desired product appearance

How Does It Work?

  • Contact Nothum to schedule your appointment
  • Nothum sets up the ProcessTecCenter to match your production environment
  • See the performance of all of the equipment
  • Test your own product on our machines before you purchase
  • Gain complete knowledge of Nothum’s machines
  • Have confidence in all of the machines before you buy!

Schedule your appointment today!

Ready to see our equipment in action? Contact Nothum today!

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