Nothum Update : COVID-19

At Nothum, the health and well-being of our team members, customers, and partners is very important to us, which is why we are constantly monitoring the updates on the COVID-19 as it continues to evolve.

What to Plan for…

  1. As we make adjustments to our every day work schedules, our offices will still be open from 8:00am – 5:00pm. However, we will be limiting the amount of foot traffic into any and all facilities. As a result, we encourage the use of virtual meetings or phone calls in order to conduct regular, everyday business.
  2. As usual, we will continue to answer all service calls and provide service visits because we are committed to our customers. Therefore, our industry-leading service team is on standby 24/7 and ready to assist you with any urgent needs.
  3. All parts and equipment will continue to be shipped as planned.

Taking Action…

We understand that business must continue. As every product leaves our facilities (parts and/or equipment), they will undergo a sanitizing process before shipment. This consists of:

  • ALL team members will be doing a required hand wash prior to entering any buildings
  • ALL shipping team members will wear gloves when handling ANY parts and/or equipment
  • Additional sanitizing spray of each box, container, parts, and/or equipment prior to shipping will take place
  • A label will be added to boxes, containers, parts, and/or equipment as it is processed to be shipped, stating that its contents have been sanitized

As we continue to be cautious of the situation, we will be sure to keep you updated on any changes within Nothum.

Here are guidelines for protective measures from the World Health Organization, click here.

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