Further Processing Equipment Designed for Alternative Proteins

How do you stay flexible with new trends arising from demanding consumers? 

Today your recipe is tempura Chik’n nuggets, but tomorrow’s recipe is crispy Chik’n tenders. Or today’s recipe is veggie burgers that are fried in sunflower oil, but tomorrow’s recipe is fried in peanut oil. 

Adapting to a new and up-coming market trend can be guesswork resulting in much time, money, energy, and effort put forth. So…why stress over what equipment manufacturer to use, when you have to decide on the product’s appearance, texture, shape, and make-up? At Nothum, our ready to run, plug-n-play equipment is designed to satisfy any existing or new recipes. We always stay ahead of evolving consumer demands by designing equipment that conforms to any future trends you wish to produce. For example:

The SuperFlex has four functions in one machine. One day you can run in Flatbed or Inline mode, and the next day you can run in Drum, TripleFlip or HandToss modes. The SuperFlex also has the ability to run a variety of breading and predusting products, from a fine flour to a course crumb, or gluten free coatings. Ultimately, the SuperFlex is the most universal and accommodating breader in the further processing industry. 

The BatterPro is an all-in-one batter system. This machine is versatile because it can mix and apply batter, tempura, and beer-batter; all in the same machine without shearing the mixture.

The ProTherm takes a low oil volume which saves you money on expensive oils, such as: sunflower, peanut, soybean, canola, and linseed to name a few.  

How do you maintain an environmentally friendly status when it comes to equipment?

A large portion of equipment manufacturers overlook the importance and needs for future trends and savings. Making their technology outdated and not compliant with today’s food processor’s demands. At Nothum, we want to bring our customers the best quality and technology driven machines the market has to offer. Our design and originality is built around savings and eliminating the amount of wasted products. For instance:

The SuperFlex takes only 3 breading bags to charge compared to the competitions 6-8 bags. Additionally, there is less waste and breakdown of coatings while in production. In the end, Nothum eliminates more than 75% of breading waste with just this one machine. Easily accessible hoods and doors make sanitation a breeze; saving you time and using less cleaning products. 

The BatterPro mixes ingredients, chills the batter, automatically checks viscosity, and applies batter/tempura to the product. This smaller footprint process saves floor space, wasted batter/tempura, and the amount of energy consumed.

The ProTherm only takes 480 gallons of oil instead of 1250 gallons when compared to its competition. With fewer oil gallons, there is quicker oil turnover and reduced free fatty acids. This makes the ProTherm the cleanest and most efficient fryer in the food processing industry. 

Overall, Nothum makes your process flexible and prepares for future emerging flavors, textures, and products all while complying with the environmentally friendly status you are seeking. You create the idea behind the product, Nothum makes it happen!

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