One Solution for All Lines

Line configuration is critical in the food processing industry. There is much to consider when focusing on achieving specific product pick-ups and yields; that you often forget how to save time, money, and efforts. What if you had the one solution to all your needs?

Nothum’s full line solutions are just the remedy you need. A full line solution from Nothum offers the ability to produce heavily coated flour products, crumb coated products, tempura products,  or any other creative solutions you may desire. All of this is possible without having to purchase multiple specialty machines; making Nothum a one stop shop for value added processing lines.

What Nothum Offers

Nothum’s versatile lines are capable of applying:

  • Flour or crumb predusts/ breadings
  • Batter or tempura mixtures 
  • Flat or Homestyle breading textures 
  • And much more…

With multiple options, your line configurations are endless. Giving you flexibility in producing fritters one day and formed tempura nuggets the next. How is this possible? 

All lines consist of at least a SuperFlex/VersaCoat (preduster/breader), BatterPro (batter/tempura applicator), and ProTherm (fryer). Depending on how you configure the lines or shuffle around the equipment, it will determine the texture, appearance, and flavor of your recipes.

Double Pass Lines

Predust – Batter – Bread – Batter – Bread – Fry
The longest line with the most coating passes in the industry known to yield the highest breading pick-up (which is around 50% – also known as Fritters) and texture.

Single Pass Lines

Predust – Batter – Bread – Fry
The most common further processing line in the industry known to produce products with approximately 30% breading pick-up. 

Tempura Lines

Predust – Batter – Fry
Perhaps the most complicated processing line in the industry due to the complexity of producing true tempura. However, the BatterPro succeeds at successfully creating a perfect tempura without shearing it, losing temperature, and having the tempura “fall”; giving you a continuous process.

Why should you choose Nothum? 

The double pass is the ONE SOLUTION you will ever need. It is easily converted into a single pass or tempura line, allowing you to have endless flexibility with multiple line configurations. So let Nothum become the one-stop-shop you have been looking for, and be sure to reach out to your salesmen today!

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