Preparing Tempura

Batch. Transfer. Repeat…why should you continue this painstaking process when creating a difficult product like tempura? Quit wasting your time, effort, and money and start by upgrading your equipment to the Nothum BatterPro. This tempura machine automatically:

  1. Mixes Ingredients
  2. Chills the Mixture
  3. Measures/Controls Viscosity
  4. Applies Tempura 

All within one machine. Allowing you to capitalize on your product without having to worry about shearing, tempura breakdown, or flat products. Here’s how it’s done.

Shearing while MIXING?
No worries! Nothum has designed their BatterPro mix tank with 3 horizontal mixing paddles that ensure proper mixing. The paddles’ speeds can be manually or automatically controlled depending on your recipe.
With the automatic mixing process, an important feature is the instant increase and decrease in paddle speed. Once ingredients are added into the machine, the paddle speed will increase; which is then followed by a slow down in paddle speed once acceptably blended.  Ultimately, this will reduce the depletion of leavening agents within your tempura, and create a product with a puffy flakey appearance.

Shearing while TRANSFERRING?
Is never a problem with the BatterPro! It is designed with one transfer pump between the mix and application tanks that allows either a viscis or watery tempura to flow with ease. Ultimately this one pump transfer will decrease your chances of depleting leavening agents that will eventually cause tempura shearing. 

Shearing while APPLYING?
Is never a thought with the BatterPro! A submerge technique is Nothum’s recommendation while applying tempura.  By submerging the product, you are eliminating the chances of air bubbles to form in your tempura and reducing the probability of shearing.

Flat “falling” tempura because of HEAT?
Don’t worry! The BatterPro has a solution to this problem as well. Found inside the mix and application tanks are cooling jackets that continuously have chilled water or glycol pumped through them. This will keep your tempura chilled at a constant temperature which will eliminate tempura separation or “falling”.

Stop batching your tempura and settling for flattened products, and start by reaching out to Nothum at [email protected] or contact us about the BatterPro today. 



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