Panko breading equipment

Let Your Imagination Inspire Innovation

Are you exploring unique breading options, but cannot find the machine to support your ideas? Do you dream of the day you can coat almond chicken, coconut shrimp, and much more with a single breading machine? Well here is your chance to differentiate yourself from the market, and gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

The PankoPro was designed to apply exotic coatings, like Panko breading, to chicken, seafood, vegetables, and much more. Some of these coatings consist of:

  • coconut
  • sliced almonds
  • corn flakes
  • shoestring potatoes
  • granola
  • fresh panko
  • rice crispy

No matter how much moisture is in your breading or how delicate your coating is, the PankoPro food coating system has absolutely NO BREAKDOWN. You dream it, and the PankoPro will help you achieve it!

Potato-crusted breakfast made with Nothum food coating systems
Panko-breaded chicken made with Nothum breading equipment
Key Features
Designed Specifically For the Following:
  • Delicate coatings
  • Unique breadings
Save Money and Create Quick ROI
  • Reduce floor space
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Eliminate redundant equipment
  • Decrease breading losses
Sleek, Uni-Frame Design
  • No tubing in construction
  • All motors and other moving parts are protected by an external cabinet and doors
Belt Width Options:
  • 24″ (600mm)
  • 40″ (1000mm)
Offers Very Low Breading Charge with Minimal Waste*:
  • 24″ belt – 100 pounds flour or 50 pounds crumb
  • 40″ belt – 150 pounds flour or 75 pounds crumb

*Numbers may vary with different coatings and products

Handles Coatings and Breadings
Coating options available through PankoPro, Nothum's panko breading equipment