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Bob-Nothum-Sr.-300x233Nothum has been providing further processing equipment and solutions since 1971. Our technologies have been proven to reduce line space by eliminating unneeded equipment, improving accuracy through automated quality control, and reducing the amount of labor needed. We have successfully been able to achieve this through our distinct uniframe design.

Although it has taken us a few years to get to where we are today, we have critiqued our business in order to satisfy our customers. Nothum also provides exceptional customer service, training, trouble shooting, and customized equipment.

Nothum Food Processing Systems was established in 1971 by Bob Nothum Sr. His unique approach and design quickly lead to an invention that would forever change the future of the processing industry. His drum style breader become the world’s best selling drum breader to reach the market in the early ’70s.

young-bobIn 1985, Bob Nothum Jr. decided to offically join the family business. His innovative  mind has created some of the best solutions to modern day processing. Bob’s inventions consisted of the SuperFlex, BatterPro, and ProTherm with each system changing the future of processing equipment.

After the installations of the first ProTherm in ’93, Drum Style Breader in ’96, and BatterPro in ’99; Nothum looked to expand the family business to a second location. They eventually settled on a location, which would serve as their assembling area, in Lockwood, Missouri.

With renovation in 2001, the completed ProcessTech Center allowed Nothum to bring in potential customers for a test run on the equipment. Customers were able to get a feel and understand how the machines ran before their purchase. Then in 2002 a new redesigned body and frame was completed. This unique uniframe design was more durable, reduced cross contamination, and made cleaning an easier task.

In 2003, Robert M. Nothum joined the family business.  With a degree in Marketing his contribution to the company is important because of his communication and customer service skills. Robert continues to ensure that Nothum’s customers are satisfied and receive the exceptional care they have come to appreciate.

That following year in 2004, the first SuperFlex and VersaCoat were installed. As companies were learning about Nothum and the products they offered, many were eager to start business with them. New major projects created an overflow of orders. Now in need of more employees and office workers, the expansion of the family business continued to grow by adding two more Nothums.

In 2010, Ryan Nothum joined the company with a background in food science.  He has provided new and valuable insights into food safety and quality. Ryan is in charge of managing our test facility and in field equipment tests. He ensures that all of our tech is functional and efficient.

In 2011, Bradly Nothum joined the company with a background in Supply Chain Management. He is using his abilities to help streamline the company’s processes and aid the procurement department. Since Bradly oversees all the inventory, he guarantees each customer the supplies they need for operation.

We will always strive to be a source of innovation to the food processing industry and provide fresh solutions to ever changing customer demands and expectations. Nothum will always be  at it’s core about productivity, efficiency and quality.