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Robert Nothum, Sr. with the first Nothum breading machine

Nothum Established

In 1971 Nothum Manufacturing was established by Robert Nothum, Sr. with the first Nothum breading machine known as the 71A Breader.


Bob Nothum Jr.

Bob Nothum, Jr. Joins the Business

In 1985, Bob Nothum Jr. decided to join the family business. With father and son working side-by-side, they were able to design equipment that would eventually revolutionize the food processing industry.


SK Breader

In 1988, the SK breader was introduced into the market place. This breader was another original design that provided benefits to the customer.


First Thermal Fryer

In 1993, the first Nothum thermal fryer was completed and installed. This thermal fryer would soon be called ProTherm.


First Nothum Breader

In 1996, the first drum breader was developed and introduced into the market place. This machine strictly ran on hydraulics with arguers. This model will eventually be developed into the SuperFlex.


BatterPro, a batter machine and tempura machine

First BatterPro

In 1999, Nothum introduced the BatterPro into the market place. Its ability to perform four functions in one machine was a huge turning point for the food processing industry.


Uniframe Design

In 2002, the uniframe design was established and applied to ALL Nothum equipment. This modern and sleek design was introduced to set the Nothum equipment apart from the competition.


1st Nothum To Join

In 2003, Robert M. Nothum joined the family business. His knowledge in marketing allowed him to manage the business plan, communicate to customers through different medias, and direct the sales team.


Versacoat predust and breading enrober machine

First VersaCoat SOLD

In 2004, the first VersaCoat was installed. This multiple breading machine brought new insight and versatility into the food processing industry. Read more about the VersaCoat.


Another Nothum Hired

In 2010, Ryan Nothum joins the family business. His background in food science will bring a new insight into food safety and quality, where he will oversee Service and R&D departments.


One More Nothum

In 2011, Brad Nothum joins the family business with a background in supply chain management. His knowledge has accomplished multiple feats, and has aided into the expansion of Nothum’s shipping and receiving departments.


Superflex chicken breading machine

First SuperFlex Installation

In 2012, the first SuperFlex installation took place. This accomplishment will lead to over 290 SuperFlexs sold throughout the World. Learn more about the SuperFlex.


ProTherm industrial fryer

ProTherm HP Installed

In 2015, the very first ProTherm HP was installed. This machine has brought efficiency to the food processing industry. Its ability to have a low oil charge and quick oil turnover with the lowest FFA’s has made it highly appreciated by those who have purchased the ProTherm. Read more about..Read More


Nothum Expands into Europe

Nothum Expands into Europe

In 2017, Nothum officially expanded into the European, Middle East, Asian, and other markets by opening Nothum B.V. This expansion included the hiring of Gerrit den Bok, Henri Janssen, and Johan Kools. Read this article for more details.

“We will always strive to be a source of innovation to the food processing industry and provide fresh solutions to ever changing customer demands and expectations. Nothum will always be at it’s core about productivity, efficiency and quality.”

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