The Creative “Seasoning”

Are you looking to spice things up on the production line? It is never too late in the year to embrace the market demands and changing of seasons, that will only bring profit to your facility. Which, is why we recommend the VersaCoat breading AND seasoning machine.

Add A Little Sugar ‘N Spice

The VersaCoat is no longer just a breading machine. It has been known to handle cinnamon and sugar coatings for dessert items; along with fine herbs and spices that will enhance the appearance of your turkey, pork, beef, and so much more.

The “Wow” Factor

When coating your products with these unique seasonings and spices, it is important to remember what sets the VersaCoat apart from other machines.

  • The adjustable top curtain and bottom bed allows maximum product coverage from all angles.
  • Dual roller options of either a powered knuckler and/or stationary roller enhances both product appearance and flavor.
  • Our number one priority is safety, which is why we have fully enclosed all moving parts and components with stainless steel hoods.
  • The VersaCoat is known for its no auger system. This reduces breading breakdown and machine jamming, which saves you time and money.
  • Sanitation. Even though the machine is completely enclosed by hoods and doors, it is 100% accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Get your own VersaCoat today by reaching out to our sales team.

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