PivoFlex – Reaching Beyond the Conveyor Limits

PivoFlex food conveyor

Pivots. Telescopes. Pitches. What more could you possibly ask for in a conveyor? The PivoFlex is the most universal conveyor in the market, with an ability to “stretch” beyond the competition. 


Are you frustrated with completely resetting your entire line just because of maintenance or sanitation? Never again will you have to reset a line due to these routine procedures. The PivoFlex’s ability to pivot 90 degrees gives easy access to your entire line by simply pulling a handle and turning the PivoFlex conveyor. Even if conveyor does happened to get moved, there are built-in bumper rails to ensure quick re-alignment. 

PivoFlex in production position with both conveying ends extended.
PivoFlex with both conveying ends retracted.
PivoFlex is pivoted for easy access for maintenance/sanitation.

Are you tired of playing musical conveyors when trying to find that ONE to fit “perfectly” between your machines? With the PivoFlex, you can adjust either end to telescope inwards or outwards towards the machine – no matter the unevenness of the distance. Just a simple handle crank and you are running smoothly! Plus the PivoFlex guarantees the perfect distance on all your transfers

PivoFlex partially extended between machines.
PivoFlex fully extended between machines.

Are you looking for clean transfers, but can’t quite get your conveyor to produce what you are needing? The PivoFlex allows pitching not only at the nose of the conveyor, but the entire infeed and discharge arms. This allows you to get precise product transfers while maximizing product pick-up.

PivoFlex is sitting slightly higher than infeed of the SuperFlex, causing a downward pitch on the conveyor.
PivoFlex is sitting lower than the infeed of the SuperFlex, causing an upward pitch on the conveyor.

When it’s all said and done, the PivoFlex is ultimately the easiest, most efficient conveyor that provides consistent results over time. Look no further and contact your sales person today! 


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