All-In-One BatterPro

Nothum Food Processing Systems continues to bring innovative and technology driven machinery into the further food processing industry. We strive to provide our customers with top notch equipment; that will not only save time, but also make money. Therefore, Nothum developed the BatterPro.

The BatterPro is the next best product to hit the market in the food processing industry. It is designed to handle:

  • poultry, beef, pork, seafood, veggies, etc. – which makes this machine versatile for any end user
  • batter or tempura mixtures

It is the ONLY all-in-one machine that can perform four main functions. These functions are:

MIXINGEveryone knows that mixing tempura is not a simple task. To get your desired end product, mixing must be done precisely or the end product will fall flat. Thus, the BatterPro was designed with a built-in mixing tank. The fluctuating speed of the horizontal mixing paddles allows proper mixing that will not shear the tempura. The BatterPro cannot only mix tempura, but batter as well. The same tempura mixing technique is performed when mixing batter.

CHILLINGTo receive the proper batter or tempura consistency you need to chill your batter. Which is why we have added this additional feature that cools the tempura/batter while it is mixing. This is accomplished with an inter-chilling and cooling jackets on both the mix tank and product, with either customer supplied glycol or chilled water. The average batter/tempura temperature within the mixing tank is about 40⁰F (about 4⁰C).

VISCOSITY To maintain an accurate and precise batter/tempura consistency, this function is essential – the viscosity cup. With the viscosity cup, the BatterPro calculates how thick or thin the batter is in terms of seconds.  The program will then process the calculations and decide how much dry batter or water is needed to reach the desired consistency.

APPLICATIONFinally the application to the product is the key component in the process of this machine. There is one pump that moves the mixture from the mixing tank to the application tank. The BatterPro then applies a consistent coating, with up to 30 second viscosity levels (batter or tempura). A completely immersed product is guaranteed an entire product coverage.

The BatterPro is a technology driven machine. It allows you to easily create, save, call up, and run recipes with the onboard software. This up to date software allows you to read the batter levels within the mixing tank, measure viscosity, change paddle mixing speeds, and control batter application.

The savings on the BatterPro are numerous. It gets rid of redundant and excess equipment because of its ability to be a tempura and batter applicator with multiple functions. This will not only save you time with switching out machinery, but it will also save you money on buying additional machinery and labor.


To Learn More about the BatterPro, CLICK HERE.

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