Has one of your older machines failed for the last time? Are you tired of switching out equipment for different products? Let Nothum be your solution!


Nothum has been the leading provider of quality and efficient food processing equipment in the predusting, batter, breading, and frying industry since 1971. We continue to bring original design, the latest technology, and specialty experience to our customers.

We are food processing equipment manufacturers. Our food processing systems and complete production lines are equipped to handle a variety of food products, including (but certainly not limited to) poultry, beef, fish and vegetables. From mixing batter and tempura ingredients, to applying breading and thermal frying, we’ve got the food manufacturing equipment that can provide quick ROI for your business.


Each machine is designed with advanced food manufacturing technology.


Our product design sets itself
apart from all competition.


We understand the high demand for quality and efficient food processing equipment.

What Customers Say

DelftBlue Foods logo

Delft Blue Foods

Ontario, Canada

"Nothum is more versatile and gives you more capabilities than the other equipment that we use to have..."

Chef Bombay logo

Chef Bombay

Alberta, Canada

"The installation, start-up, service, and production was done efficiently and very cooperative with this process..."

Tampa Maid Foods logo

Tampa Maid Foods

Lakeland, Florida

"Nothum is very dependable, reliable, and consistent in its performance, and does what we need it to do day after day..."

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