The Summer of BatterPros

As we continue to move forward in these unprecedented times. Nothum has had the privilege of building multiple BatterPros to help supply the world with food. We thank those for purchasing a product that they believe in and trust.

So you may ask yourself, “What is there to know about the Nothum BatterPro?” This all-in-one machine is known for its ability to perform multiple functions, such as:

  • Mixing Batter/Tempura
  • Chilling the Mixture
  • Measuring Viscosity
  • Applying the Batter/Tempura

More recently Nothum has introduced the 2nd liquid solution, which now allows the BatterPro to mix, chill, measure, and apply:

  1. Batter
  2. Tempura
  3. Hot Sauce
  4. Beer Batter

Giving you endless options and capabilities. All while providing you with the most versatile batter machine in the market.

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