Specialty Breading Machine Keeps Food Manufacturers Ahead of the Curve

Evolving consumer trends have many food manufacturers turning to “healthier” options or gluten free ingredients. Breadings such as panko, sliced almonds, coconut and much more have been added to processed foods to make them both good to eat and healthy to consume. How do you create a “healthy” product that does not cost extra time and money?

Nothum responds to this challenge with a specialty breading machine, the PankoPro. This machine lets you enhance the production process by applying never-before-considered breading ingredients through automation. This will minimize the production costs because you will no longer apply coating by hand, your breading will have absolutely no breakdown, and you will be able to automatically apply coatings with up to 40% moisture.

Let’s take a look at the trends influencing consumer decision-making and how advanced food manufacturing equipment helps you offer the quality products your customers crave.

Consumer Trends Drive Demand for Specialty Breading Ingredients

What are consumers thinking about when they buy food? Although flavor, texture and convenience remain important, a growing segment of consumers also care about the nutritional value of the products they buy, and some read up on how their food is made.

  • Nutrition. According to one survey, 89% of food service operators believe that “health and wellness” will have a moderate to great impact on customer purchase decisions in the future.
  • Transparency. More people these days, young adults in particular, want to know what’s in their food and how it’s made. Transparency-minded consumers pay attention to ingredients and processing methods, so it’s important for manufacturers to effectively communicate the nutritional and safety benefits of food processing. One way to achieve this is by offering ingredients that are perceived as “healthy” and “real.”
  • Digital technology. Consumers research before they buy. Interactive media can be your friend in satisfying consumer demand for transparency. Use your website and social media accounts to provide information about the quality of your products and production methods.

Advanced Food Manufacturing Machines Work with Specialty Breading Ingredients

Your choice of food coating ingredients goes a long way towards influencing the perception that the underlying product is healthy. A specialty breader like PankoPro helps you get the most value out of those ingredients by letting you optimize the production process for a quality end product, while boosting ROI.

  • Healthy products with healthy coatings. Chicken, seafood and vegetables are often perceived as healthier but can be challenging to keep that perception when coated with typical flours and bread crumbs. Advanced specialty breading machines like the PankoPro let you customize recipes, use delicate/healthy breadings, avoid damage to the breading, and create desirable flavor and appearance. The PankoPro achieves all of these capabilities while maintaining the perception of being a “healthier” product.
  • Specialized and common food coatings. Breading ingredients impact the nutritional profile of the product and add the unique texture and taste that consumers desire. Food manufacturers need a versatile breading machine designed to handle the unique characteristics of a variety of “speciality” ingredients: fresh panko, sliced almonds, coconut, corn flakes, rice crispy, shoestring potatoes or granola; along with typical coatings: ABC crumb, J crumb, fine crumb, flour, rubs, and seasonings.
  • More efficient production. Some processors have products hand-made due to the delicate nature of some specialty coatings. The PankoPro automates the application of these products, which ultimately drives down the cost of production and increases the pounds of product produced. So not only does PankoPro accommodate more delicate coatings, but it also uses the coating more efficiently.
  • Less equipment to buy. Specialization can get expensive if it means having to purchase a different machine for every product or ingredient in your portfolio. The PankoPro is the MOST versatile breading machine because it can apply typical and specialized coatings. This specialty breading machine also reduces production methods and equipment acquisition costs.
  • Savings galore. The sleek uniframe design creates a compacted profile that fits easily on production floors. A unique conveying system with no augers results in absolutely no breading breakdown, making an ROI achievable. Low breading charges of either 100-150 pounds of flour or 50-75 pounds of bread crumb (depending on belt size), reduces the amount of breading needed for production by 60%.

Are you looking for specialty breading equipment to enhance the quality of your product? Contact Nothum to learn more!

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