Specialty Breader – PankoPro

PankoPro – Specialty Breader

Nothum Food Processing Systems has successfully brought battering, frying, and breading equipment to the food processing industry since 1971.

By focusing on breading equipment, the Nothum SuperFlex was ranked number one breader in the United States for 2016. This year, they are excited to introduce their new Speciality Breader – The PankoPro.

The PankoPro is designed to give your products the competitive edge you have been looking for. The PankoPro is equipped to handle many breading types by giving your products the appearance and texture you desire. These types of breadings consist of: fresh panko, coconut, corn flakes, shoe-string potatoes, rice crispy, and much more. Just like all Nothum equipment, the PankoPro is designed to reduce the amount of breading needed, changeover time and redundant equipment.

To learn more about the PankoPro, click here.


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