The Road to 50 Years and the Map to the Next

“It all started with an idea. Some may call it a dream, but we called it a vision.“ The journey is never easy, especially when it is a family owned business. Many are known to give up early because of hardship and family conflicts. When looking back over the last fifty years there is one … Read more

The Creative “Seasoning”

Are you looking to spice things up on the production line? It is never too late in the year to embrace the market demands and changing of seasons, that will only bring profit to your facility. Which, is why we recommend the VersaCoat breading AND seasoning machine. Add A Little Sugar ‘N Spice The VersaCoat … Read more

The Summer of BatterPros

As we continue to move forward in these unprecedented times. Nothum has had the privilege of building multiple BatterPros to help supply the world with food. We thank those for purchasing a product that they believe in and trust. So you may ask yourself, “What is there to know about the Nothum BatterPro?” This all-in-one … Read more

Preparing Tempura

Batch. Transfer. Repeat…why should you continue this painstaking process when creating a difficult product like tempura? Quit wasting your time, effort, and money and start by upgrading your equipment to the Nothum BatterPro. This tempura machine automatically: Mixes Ingredients Chills the Mixture Measures/Controls Viscosity Applies Tempura  All within one machine. Allowing you to capitalize on … Read more

Balancing Texture with Ingredients

Are you struggling to find the right blend of ingredients with the best application technique? OR Have you recently added a new product, and need help developing the texture? No matter the situation, you are not alone. It is easy to overlook an important part of this process…TEXTURE. A clear visual concept of how the … Read more

One Solution for All Lines

Line configuration is critical in the food processing industry. There is much to consider when focusing on achieving specific product pick-ups and yields; that you often forget how to save time, money, and efforts. What if you had the one solution to all your needs? Nothum’s full line solutions are just the remedy you need. … Read more

Nothum Update : COVID-19

At Nothum, the health and well-being of our team members, customers, and partners is very important to us, which is why we are constantly monitoring the updates on the COVID-19 as it continues to evolve. What to Plan for… As we make adjustments to our every day work schedules, our offices will still be open … Read more

Further Processing Equipment Designed for Alternative Proteins

How do you stay flexible with new trends arising from demanding consumers?  Today your recipe is tempura Chik’n nuggets, but tomorrow’s recipe is crispy Chik’n tenders. Or today’s recipe is veggie burgers that are fried in sunflower oil, but tomorrow’s recipe is fried in peanut oil.  Adapting to a new and up-coming market trend can … Read more

Specialty Breading Machine Keeps Food Manufacturers Ahead of the Curve

Evolving consumer trends have many food manufacturers turning to “healthier” options or gluten free ingredients. Breadings such as panko, sliced almonds, coconut and much more have been added to processed foods to make them both good to eat and healthy to consume. How do you create a “healthy” product that does not cost extra time … Read more