Why keep using the same oversized fryer that takes up space, energy, and resources? The ProTherm’s design requires a lower oil charge because of the product conveyor, heat exchanger, and sediment removal system functioning as one unit. Basically the volume of frying oil is significantly reduced by half – if not, TWO THIRDS! Less oil to charge the ProTherm means less oil to heat, and ultimately less oil to filter. In the end, there are fewer free fatty acids (FFAs) and better tasting products. Now it is your turn to achieve efficiency! Contact your account manager today.

Key Features
  • Adjust top submerge spacing from touch screen
  • Accepts breaded or tempura products
  • Automatic temperature control with up to three independently controlled heat zones
  • Built in sediment removal system
  • Automatic oil level control with a fresh oil feeding system
  • Included oil storage tank
Complete Thermal System
  • Hood and tank are insulated for maximum heat retention and safety
  • Piped for fire suppression (fire suppression not included)
  • Stainless steel positive displacement circulation pump
Touch Screen Features
  • Recipe driven system
  • Fill, drain, and switch valves from the touch screen
  • Hood, submerge conveyor, product conveyor, and heat exchanger can all be lifted from touch screen
Offered in Several Belt Widths*:
  • 14″ (400mm)
  • 24″ (600mm)
  • 40″ (1000mm)