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PivoFlex – Conveyor

A conveyor like none other in the market place. The PivoFlex has the abilities to extend and retract without having to break or lace a new belt. It is simply done by turning a couple of handles and locking those changes into place. Its features make sanitation, maintenance, and production effortless. You no longer have to move equipment around or completely reset lines to get clean transfers. Add a PivoFlex to your line today!


  • Stainless steel frame allow longevity
  • One direction, 90 degree pivot at base
  • Extended/Retractable conveyor
    • Adjusts from 67 inches (170cm) to 112 inches (285 cm)
  • Pitched infeed and discharge
    • Pitches from 0 inches (0 cm) to 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
  • Clean product transfer from machine to conveyor, and then conveyor to machine
  • Etched alignment guides for repeatable settings
Operational/Standard Position
90 Degree Rotation


  • Adjustable catch pans to minimize debris
  • Sloped bed to centralized  collection point of debris
  • Accepts standardized tote for debris


  • Ease of access to equipment for sanitation and maintenance
  • Eliminates damage to belting
  • Quicker and accurate line set-up
Fully Retracted Conveyor. 67 inches (170 cm) in length
Fully Extended Conveyor - 112 inches (285 cm) in length.
Fully Extended and Pitched, with Catch Pans Extended
*Works best with Nothum equipment*