PivoFlex food conveyor

Ultra Flexible Conveyor

Are you in need of a conveyor that pivots, extends, retracts, pitches, and has the cleanest transfers without having to reset the entire line? The PivoFlex does all of those things with a couple cranks on some handles. Its features make sanitation, maintenance, and production effortless.

PivoFlex conveyor with 90 degree rotation
90 Degree Rotation
Key Features
  • One direction, 90 degree pivot at base
  • Extendable/Retractable conveyor
  • Adjusts from 67 inches (170cm) to 112 inches (285 cm)
  • Pitched infeed and discharge
  • Pitches from 0 inches (0 cm) to 6.5 inches (16.5 cm)
  • Clean product transfer from machine to conveyor, and then conveyor to machine
  • Etched alignment guides for repeatable settings
  • Adjustable catch pans to minimize debris
  • Sloped bed to centralized  collection point of debris
  • Accepts standardized tote for debris
  • Ease of access to equipment for sanitation and maintenance
  • Eliminates damage to belting
  • Quicker and accurate line set-up
Nothum's PivoFlex food conveyor
Fully Retracted Conveyor. 67 inches (170 cm) in length
Food conveyor that pivots, extends, retracts, and pitches
Fully Extended Conveyor - 112 inches (285 cm) in length.
Nothum's PivoFlex conveyor makes sanitation, maintenance, and production effortless
Fully Extended and Pitched, with Catch Pans Extended