Each line brings a different value to the end consumer, which is why we have a variety of options when it comes to our Complete Lines. Complete Nothum Lines are industrial meat processing equipment developed for efficiency, to save money, and to provide a smaller footprint.

Achieve Efficiency

Each food production line is known to reduce, reduce, and reduce; which can only mean savings, savings, and more SAVINGS for you. How can you save?

  • Reduce breading losses by >50% when using a Nothum breader because of the low breading charge and automatic breading feed system
  • Gain consistent pick-ups with the recipe driven technology
  • Replace unnecessary labor with a Complete Nothum Line because of its simplicity
  • Less changeover time due to each machine being able to perform multiple functions

Smaller Footprint

The Complete Nothum Lines have a smaller footprint compared to other breading lines. This is accomplished by:

  • Eliminating redundant equipment by performing multiple functions in one machine
  • Uniframe design is a sleek outer shell that makes the line appear to be uniform
  • The different belt options Nothum offers: 14”(400mm), 24” (600mm), and 40” (1000mm) 

Any one of our machines can add real value to your existing manufacturing line. But, our complete food production lines provide you with the ultimate control over your end-product, plus huge savings, including consistent pickup between ±30% and ±50%. Customize the order of our machines to meet your customer demand. Explore our recommendations by clicking below, or contact us to learn more about each machine.

Select a Line to Learn More

Nothum food production line

The Single Pass Line can pick-up ±30% on the finished product. This is accomplished through a sequence of machines that consist of a preduster, batter, and breader before entering a fryer.

Popcorn shrimp made using Nothum's food production lines
Complete line of industrial food processing equipment

The Double Pass Line allows you to have ±50% pick-up on your product. We suggest a predust, batter, bread, batter, bread, and then fry sequence. However, customization is an option.

Chicken strips created with industrial food processing equipment
Complete line of industrial meat processing equipment

The Batter/Tempura Line is designed for unique products. The optional tempura conveyor can be added to the BatterPro or BatterApplicator for a direct drop into the frying oil. The sequence that we suggest is a predust, tempura, and then fry.

Tempura chicken nuggets