This BatterMixer is almost always paired with the BatterApplicator. Together these two machines are able to process batter and tempura coated products.

The BatterMixer is an industrial batter mixer machine designed to mix light-to-heavy batter and tempura for application to mass-produced chicken, fish, beef, vegetables and other food products. This cost-effective food manufacturing equipment can add value to your already existing food production line by providing the ultimate mixing versatility. The mixer comes in two different options, horizontal and vertical. Each mixing style has its own benefits:

  • Mixes heavy batter and tempura
  • Uses a positive pump
  • Less air bubbles
Nothum's BatterMixer machine
  • Mixes only batter
  • Uses centrifugal pump
  • One mixing speed
Vertical BatterMixer machine
Key Features
Mixing Versatility:
  • Optional jacketed mix tank for on-board chilling or to connect to plant’s central system
  • Portable for easy moving in line
  • Easy to clean
Batter Volume Sizes:

Horizontal Mixer: 46 gallons (174 Liters)

Vertical Mixer: 50 gallons (189 Liters)

Looking for a batter mixer that can do more to eliminate redundant equipment? Check out our BatterPro.